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Pharmacare Coverage in BC

Coverage for ostomy supplies has changed in British Columbia over the years. BC's Fair PharmaCare plan was implemented in May of 2003, and subsidizes eligible prescription drugs and designated medical supplies, including ostomy products. The deductible you now pay will vary depending on your annual income, based on the tax year two years prior. (ie, your 2014 coverage would be based on your 2012 reported income) If you have experienced a drop in annual income, you should submit an income review to ensure your deductible reflects this change in finances.

What's covered?
Basically anything that is for use specifically with ostomy management is eligible, such as:
- all types of pouches, flanges, stoma caps, stoma patches
- irrigation and night drainage kits
- paste, skin prep, ostomy adhesive remover
- Micropore tape
- Devrom
- ostomy belts (NOT hernia belts)

When purchasing ostomy supplies with PharmaCare, you are limited to purchasing a three month supply at at time. PharmaCare does limit the amount of supplies based on the average ware time. If you are having difficult getting good ware time, please see your NSWOC. 

Examples of products NOT covered are:
- any brand of tape other than Micropore
- liquid ostomy deodorant (figure that one out!)
- hernia belts
- general skin care or first aid supplies
- Immodium, Metamucil and similar products

If you are using products not mentioned here and wish to know if they are covered, contact Pharmacare directly or inquire at your ostomy supplier.

For information on how to register, what is covered, or your deductible, visit the Pharmacare website or call toll-free in BC

8:00 AM to 8:00 PM weekdays
8:00 AM to 4:00 PM weekends

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