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Visitor Program

Being able to meet or speak with someone who has successfully undergone a similar surgery can do much to alleviate the fears and anxiety new patients may be feeling. The Vancouver UOA chapter works closely with a number of hospitals' Enterostomal Nursing staff who refer patients to us. Upon receiving a request we can supply trained volunteer visitors to new patients either in hospital, at home, or by phone. We also provide pre-operative support and encouragement for those awaiting ostomy surgery. If you are going to be having ostomy surgery, be it temporary or permanent, and would like to speak with a volunteer, please ask your ET nurse or doctor for a referral, or contact us directly. We will endeavor to match patients with a volunteer of the same sex, with a similar surgery and of the appropriate age.

Medical professionals please note: we do NOT dispense medical advice nor do we provide physical care. We treat all patients' personal information with strict confidentiality.

All of us, no matter how long ago our surgery was, remember what it was like to cope with this change in our lives. Those who have successfully adapted to life with an ostomy have much to offer to newcomers. Our male and female volunteers range in age from early 20s to their 80s, and come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Prospective volunteers should be in good health, possess a positive outlook regarding life with an ostomy and be willing to devote a few hours a month to patient support. We do not require that all volunteers do personal visits; many provide excellent support to patients over the phone. All volunteers are asked to attend a training seminar. Seminars are free, and held throughout the year depending on demand from new volunteers. If you speak a second language this can be especially helpful.

If you are interested in learning more, please contact the Visitor Coordinator 

Patsy Peters 

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